Kulturprogramm für Stadtbenützer

Spielplatz am Volksgarten. Angerzellgasse 8, 6020 Innsbruck. Geöffnet alltäglich von 16:00 bis Sperrstund ist.



“... just go out there and feel the rain.”  - Alex, Rain.
That’s what the artist and songwriter Alexander Figl did, metaphorically and physically, to explore his authenticity as a musician and as a human being. 
There is also a lot of rain in London, where the Austrian musician currently lives and tries to make a name for himself as a bass player and artist. He plays bass in multiple bands, but also writes music for his own projects, as well as short little essays in his blog. 
With the trio he plays his songs about life, love and authenticity that are mostly written on his acoustic guitar. He uses open tunings and fingerpicking to create his innate sound and style. The performance incorporates fragile acoustic singer/songwriter elements as well as live sound manipulation that you would sometimes forget that this instrument is an acoustic guitar. 
Accompanied by the unbelievably talented musicians Clemens Coreth (Drums) and Anna Reisigl (Electric and Upright Bass), this trio will not fail to present you with their unique and authentic live performance, new songs and old stories



Niemand weiß genau, was passiert an diesem Abend. Nur eins ist gewiss: Es wird ungestüm. Martin Ohrwalder trompetet, wie es im Buche steht, Lukas Laimer das Drumset und Philipp Ossanna bearbeitet die Stromgitarre. Das Trio spielt befreit auf lässt ein gemeinsames Improvisationswerk entstehen, dem nichts an Kante fehlt.