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Spielplatz am Volksgarten. Angerzellgasse 8, 6020 Innsbruck. Geöffnet alltäglich von 16:00 bis Sperrstund ist.


mardi gras BRASS-FUNk aus den US-Südstaaten  HIGHLIGHT JAFF-FEST BERLIN 2004

Achtung: Hier kommt keine verstaubte Oldtime-Jazzband! Die Ambassadors of New Orleans sorgen mit ihrer Mischung aus Jazz, Funk, Blues, Traditionals und Cajun für frischen Wind in der Musikszene. Die Ambassadors of New Orleans wurden für ein Spezialprojekt des Basler Jazzpianisten George gegründet. Aus einer Notlösung heraus stellte Sousaphon-Weltmeister Matt Perrine  eine hochkarätige Marching Band zusam-men. Ihre Mitglieder gehören allesamt verschiedenen bekannten Stammformationen in New Orleans an. Als Botschafter aus New Orleans bringen die sechs Musiker die Vielfalt des kulturellen Schmelztiegels Louisianas auf die Bühne. Im Repertoire der Ambassadors hat neben Jazz Blues, Traditionals, Cajun noch vieles mehr Platz – immer auf der Basis von deftigem Brassband-Funk: FUNKY MARDI GRAS heisst auch der Programmtitel, den die Ambassadors gewählt haben

Die Botschafter aus New Orleans kennen sich schon lange aus verschiedenen Gruppen der  Südstaaten-Metropole. Als aber George Gruntz, langjähriger Leiter des JazzFests Berlin, für eine  spezielle Produktion eine Mardi-Gras-Band aus New Orleans suchte, rief er seinen  Freund Matt Perrine an. Dieser trommelte einige seiner besten Freunde zusammen. Geboren waren  die Ambassadors of New Orleans. Die Ambassadors verstehen sich als Botschafter des reichhaltigen musikalischen Erbes von New  Orleans: Mardi-Gras-Brassfunk trifft auf Blues trifft auf Jazz trifft auf Cajun trifft auf....
Das ist kein  museales Herunterleiern von repräsentativen Standards, sondern witzig-fröhliches Musizieren auf  höchstem Niveau mit eigenen Kompositionen und Klassikern. Die gute Laune steckt an und fährt in  die Beine.
Der bekannteste Vertreter der Ambassadors ist der Sousaphonist Matt Perrine, der seit Jahren in Ray  Andersons Pocket Brass Band durch Europa tourt. Er legt als einer der weltbesten Sousaphonisten  unterstützt von einer packenden Rhythmussektion einen treibenden Bassbeat, über den die weiteren  Bläser brillieren. Rick Trolsen brachte sich das Posaunenspiel selber bei, bevor er noch Musik  studierte und während drei Jahren in einer US-Navy-Band spielte. Später blieb er in New Orleans  hängen und ist heute aus der lokalen Musikszene nicht mehr wegzudenken. Tenorsaxophonist Brent  Rose hingegen ist in New Orleans geboren und studierte hier an der Universität Musik. Eric Lucero,  gebürtiger Mexikaner, kam nach New Orleans, um bei Elis Marsalis Musik zu studieren. Seither lebt  er dort und arbeitet in zahlreichen Bands aller musikalischer Richtungen. Die Schlagzeuger Caytanio  Hingle und Kerry Hunter schliesslich wuchsen in der Mitte von New Orleans auf und gehören heute  zu den gefragtestens Musiker der Szene.

Matt ‘Tubop’ Perrine – sousaphone
Rick ‘Neslort’ Trolsen – trombone
Eric Lucero  – trumpet
Jason Mingledorff – tenor sax
Kerry ‘Fatman’ Hunter – snare drum
Cayetanio Hingle – bass drum



Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Matt Perrine began his musical career, modestly enough, at the  age of 10, playing trombone in his school band. At the age of 11 he began playing tuba with his fi rst  Dixieland band. By 12 he had taken up the electric bass, and started writing arrangements for his  group. By the ripe old age of 15 he had picked up the acoustic bass and begun composing his own  pieces, as well as writing big band arrangements. It wasn‘t long before his skills and drive brought him  work with professionals in the Sacramento area and the opportunity to work with Jessica Williams,  Diane Shure, Joey Calderoza, and the Artie Shaw Orchestra.    Matt‘s move to New Orleans was an obvious choice, steeped as he was in jazz and dixieland. Since  his arrival in 1992, he has crossed many musical boundaries. A triple threat, excelling on upright bass,  acoustic bass and sousaphone, his reputation as a consummate musician has opened doors into  almost every genre in the New Orleans musical arena. On electric bass his prowess extends from  rock and roll to reggae to avantgarde and fusion with bands like The Fifth Dimension, Sista Teedy and  Cool Riddums, Loose Strings, Aaron and Charles Neville, Jason Marsalis and Neslort. He is a fi rst call  jazz player on upright bass, whether it‘s swing, latin, traditional or be-bop, with world renowned artists  like Elis and Branford Marsalis, Lillian and John Boutee, Kermit Ruffi ns, The Johnny Vidacovich Trio,  the Danza Quartet featuring Tom McDermott and Evan Christopher, Henry Butler and Leigh  „Li‘l Queenie“ Harris.    All these accolades aside, it is on sousaphone where Matt‘s abilities and imagination soar. Noted  as a „virtuoso sousaphone player“ by Downbeat magazine, Matt‘s work on sousaphone has kept  him busy, at home and abroad. In 1995 he co-founded The New Orleans Nightcrawlers, acting as  tubist, chief composer and arranger, as well as producer of their fi rst eponimously titled recording  and co-producer of their third, Live at the Old Point. Combining brass band, jazz and funk elements,  the Nightcrawlers have garnered local awards, toured domestic and European festival circuits and  produced three recordings which sell internationally. In 1997 Matt brought his talents to the table  for the fi rst solo recording by Galactic drummer, Stanton Moore. Joining forces with Stanton and  progressive guitarist Charlie Hunter, All Kooked Out is receiving worldwide acclaim and distribution.  On the funk front, Matt lends his horn to a longtime musical mainstay of the New Orleans music  scene, All That. Acting as the sole bass instrument in a funk / brass-band / hip-hop format, an octave  pedal and bass amplifi er turn the sousaphone into a sonic atom bomb. Equally comfortable in an  acoustic environment, in 1998 Matt began work with trombone legend Ray Anderson, touring the  world and recording with „Ray Anderson‘s Pocket Brass Band“ on the Enja label. The Sydney Morning  Herald said this: „It was a revelation that the mighty sousaphone could be played so dexterously.  Perrine huffed and puffed great, fat funk lines, slid easily into be-bop walking bass and made solos  that could describe yearning as readily as beefy effervescence.“ From traditional jazz and dixieland  to brassband to the occasional rock and roll foray, Matt and his tuba have seen work with the likes of  New Orleans legend Pete Fountain, Bonerama, Better Than Ezra, Bruce Hornsby, Nicholas Payton and  Howard Johnson‘s tuba ensemble, Gravity.    All of this has not gone unnoticed, either creatively or academically. In the states and abroad, Matt  has acted as a teacher, from private to specialized college level classes and clinics. In New Orleans  he participates in the Young Audiences Program, bringing special musical presentations to grade  school children in an interactive environment. Before his move to New Orleans he worked in a similar  program doing presentations and classes through much of northern California. For 7 years Matt  was on staff of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Jazz Camp, taking responsibility for private  lessons on tuba and bass as well as ensemble lessons in arranging, theory and performance. He‘s  been repeatedly commissioned by Copenhagen‘s Rhythmik Music Conservatory to give academic  and performance clinics on brass band music. He‘s brought the same program of study to the  Conservatory‘s sister school in Aahus, Denmark as well. On the home front, Matt has also taught in  the music studies program at the University of New Orleans under the direction Elis Marsalis and still  accommodates private students.
His compositions and arranging accomplishments, while not as high profi le as performance credits,  are broad and expansive as well. His original compositions can be heard on all three New Orleans  Nightcrawlers records as well as All Kooked Out with Stanton Moore and ...Now Get Out with Guitar  Vic and the Slicktones. His musical arrangements, spanning the gamut from jazz standards to original  rock and roll can be heard on: Pledge to my People, -Cool Riddums and Sista Teedy; Jubilee , -Stan  Mark; Louisianthology, -Tom McDermott; Club Deuce, -Johnny Angel; The Whop Boom Bam, -All That;  ... Now Get Out, -Guitar Vic and the Slicktones; New Orleans Nightcrawlers, Funknicity, Live at the Old  Point, -The New Orleans Nightcrawlers; Greyhound Afternoons, - Royal Fingerbowl; House of Secrets,  Polychrome Junction, - Leigh Harris; Live at the Old Point,-Bonerama,    Today, Matt travels internationally with the New Orleans based band, Tin Men, in which he plays  the sousaphone. In this band, Matt is joined by songwreiter/guitarist/vocalist Alex McMurray, and  Washboard phenom „Washboard Chaz“ Leary. The Tin Men‘s fi rst release, „Supergreat Music for  Modern Lovers“, was nominated by the Big Easy Awards comitee for Album of the Year. When in  town, Matt also continues to play in the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, Tin Men, Bonerama, the Danza  Quatet, the Hot Club of New Orleans, as well as many other local bands.


Rick Trolsen

Largely self-taught, Rick began playing trombone at the age of twelve. After studying with Phil Wilson  at Berklee College of Music, he volunteered three years of duty with the U.S. Navy Band, stationed  in New Orleans.  Upon his „discharge“ he quickly fell into good company, and was adopted as a  regular call sideman in town. From 1991 to 1998 he led the jazz/rock group „Neslort“ as a vehicle for  his original compositions.  A perennial favorite for 4 consecutive years at the New Orleans Jazz and  Heritage Festival,  „Neslort“ featured some of the fi nest musicians in town, and has recorded 2 CDs.  His latest release, Gringo Do Choro was Recorded in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and features primarily  Choro music from the early part of the 20th century, with a few Bossas and Sambas thrown in.   As a freelance trombonist Rick has enjoyed featured performances with all walks of the local music  life, and has proved Rick to be versatile and at ease with contemporary and traditional jazz, blues,  reggae, big bands, show music, avante garde, and club dates. Performances and/or recordings  include The Broadway show “Chicago”, Dr. John, Clarence ”Gatemouth” Brown, Earl King, Marva  Wright, Allen Toussaint, Al Hirt, The Dukes of Dixieland, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Henry Mancini,  Rosemary Clooney, Black Top Records, Stan Musial, The Woody Herman Band, The Temptations,  Al Grey, Barry Manilow, Bob Hope, Steve Allen, Aretha Franklin, Boz Scaggs, The Four Tops, Doc  Severinsen, Johnny Cash, Harry Connick Jr., The CAC Jazz Orchestra directed by Ellis Marsalis,  Johnny Adams, Eddie Louiss, as well as many gigs he’d rather not mention.
Other Honors Musicians for Music Louisiana Jazz Composers Award and Grant 1993 Southern Arts Jazz Federation Jazz South Radio. Selected to appear on two compilation CDs and to  be interviewed on their internationally syndicated radio broadcasts in recognition of the recording’s  Mother’s Call (1995) and Martian Circus Waltz (1998) Offbeat Magazine’s Awards recipient 1998 New Orleans Magazine’s Jazz All Star 1998 Adjunct instructor University of New Orleans 1998


Jason Mingledorff

A graduate of the University of New Orleans Jazz Studies Program, Jason Mingledorff has played with  a wide variety of bands in and out of town. In addition to the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, Jason has  toured with country artist Clint Black, bluesman Mem Shannon, and funksters Galactic and Smilin‘  Myron. He has also performed with The Band, The O‘Jays, and The Four Tops. Jason has also established himself as an arranger, writing for the Shim Shammettes Revue, Vic Shepherd and the Slicktones, and Johnny Angel and the Swingin‘ Demons.


Eric Lucero (Trumpet)

A native of New Mexico via California, Eric Lucero arrived in New Orleans to study Jazz at the University of New Orleans with Ellis Marsalis. For more than ten years following this arrival Eric has gone on  to perform  in a wide array musical styles and bands  that New Orleans has to offer. Currently he is  working with the hard hitting Latin Jazz sextet Otra, Blues and zydeco of ‚Sunpie‘ Barnes, the modern  jazz orchestra The Naked Orchestra, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra lead by Irvin Mayfi eld. Along  with these bands he is also one of the top calls for the work in New Orleans playing in street parades,  partys as well as studio work. Also leads his own band ‚Electric People‘ that includes all of the styles  that New Orleans serves up from street beats to brazilian music, to reggae, salsa, mordern jazz and  Mexican music. And now you can hear his trumpet with the Ambassadors of New Orleans.    


Cayetano „Tanio“ Hingle (Band Leader / Bass Drum)  

Tanio grew up in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans. At the age of nine, he began playing the snare  and bass drums at Covert Elementary School. While Tanio is strongly infl uenced by traditional players  such as Lionel Batiste and Benny Jones, he also enjoys playing a more funky, up-tempo style. He has  played with The Bucketman Brass Band, The Allstars and The Jr. Olympia Brass Band.


Kerry „Fat Man“ Hunter (Snare Drum)  

Kerry grew up in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans. He started playing the snare drum in the seventh grade at Colton School. As a baby, Kerry would beat on everything he could get his hands on  around the house. He and his little pals would mimic the second line bands in the streets. „Fat Man“  is a member of Tambourine and Fan, a community second line club that introduces young kids to the  New Orleans cultural traditions. Kerry played with the Jr. Olympia Brass Band under Milton Batiste  before joining The New Birth Brass Band at the age of 18.